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photo: Kristel Maamägi


August 18, 18:00–20:00 / Emajõe and Kartuli corner

August 19, 18:00–20:00 / Aida 7

August 20, 14:00–16:00 / Karl Ernst von Baeri 4

Workshop is held in open-air. 

No admission. 

Supported by Tartu Kultuurkapital. 


Street puzzle workshop creates artwork out of different objects found in the urban environment and places it on the streets of Tartu. The workshop is run by scenographer Kristel Maamägi. Both children and adults are welcome to participate and together we’ll look for materials to create art pieces. The puzzles created together will be placed on squares, roads, trees and buildings. The concept of the workshop and artwork was formed in the Gullkistan creative residency in Iceland. 

Kristel Maamägi (1986) is a freelance artist and gardener. She mainly works with theatre, comics and illustration, but is also open to using other mediums in her creative work. Kristel likes working with natural materials and she uses different plants and found objects in her scenography projects, installations and puppet-making. Kristel has participated in many exhibitions in comics, painting, puppet and multimedia fields in Estonia and abroad. 

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