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garage exhibition

When: AUGUST 16-19, 12:00-20:00

Research report presentations:
17.08 at 20:00 (EST) ja 18.08 at 20:00 (ENG)
Where: Lubja 1c

Thanks to: Tartu Kultuurkapital 

There is a lingering suspicion that along with previous generations several important skills, interesting stories, and secret knowledge has been lost. But it is also possible that this knowledge was lost the day before yesterday or a few years ago.


In the clutter of abandoned garage boxes you can find decades of peoples’ lives and explorations. “Õnne masin” (The Happiness Machine), which is the opening exhibition of the Microgallery planned on the site of a garage box on Lubja street, seeks to analyze, reconstruct, and unreservedly mystify one such forgotten garage and its contents. The exhibition is accompanied by evening presentations of the research report. 


Jaanus Kaasik is a semiotician and freelance graphic designer. He has been a cinema director, teacher, and peer counselor, as well as a director at Tartu New Theatre. Currently, Jaanus works at the studioshop and gallery "Karud ja Pojad" (Bears and Sons).

photo: Maria Kilk

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