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installation programme

URBAN PAUSES/ August 16-19

9 installations / different locations

The main theme of the 2023 festival is "Urban Pauses" that focuses on the wastelands and voids of Tartu. These are transitional and untamed places, which at first glance seem to lack function, but nevertheless are valuable as they are. Together with artists we explore the impact and meaning of urban pauses in the city space. Installations inspired by urban pauses are created by nine artists or groups from Estonia and abroad, three of them are young architects that were selected through an open competition.

Alex Römer_Constructlab.jpg

August 16-19 at 12-20
Raatuse 99

Carving wooden spoons with the artist 
16.-19.08 between 16-20:00

Final soup party - bring your spoon! :)
19.08 between 16-17:00

The Garage is not only a place to park a car…

A Garage is a place for tinkering and experimenting. It is constantly evolving – analogous to its users – depending on needs and activity and is never set up completely.

And the Garage expands the living space, it is a place of self-realization for people who have no space for it in their home. This creates an extended place to stay that can be individually designed and used while gathering in a Garage Yard.

How can we open garages for visitors and make them tangible and test sustainable future concepts?

Architect, designer and carpenter, Alexander Römer initiated the international design-build network Constructlab in 2012 as a member of the former EXYZT collective (2005 - 2013). Constructlab is a laboratory for action research, constructive experimentation and interdisciplinary creation. Constructlab’s projects develop a practice of temporary and participative design and architecture. Projects link design and fabrication, initiate collaborations with local communities and highlight the know-how of each and everyone. He understands architecture and design as a tool of social intervention to create spaces for dynamic critical exchanges. 


Constructlab webpage

The project is supported by The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Tallinn

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