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installation programme

URBAN PARASITES / August 18-21

10 installations / different locations

This year Urban Festival UIT is turning its focus on parasitic architecture. We’ve asked both local and foreign artists to view the city from a parasite’s perspective and encouraged them to find new ways of life either the deficit or excess of space. Urban parasites have found their master organisms in narrow spaces between buildings, in abandoned factories, overgrown ponds and forgotten cinemas. Installations are scattered all over Tartu, go and find them!

Arhkool_foto lastest_edited.jpg

ARHITEKTUURIKOOL (EE) “Parasites in the cracks of Aparaaditehas”

August 18–21, 12:00-20:00

Kastani põik (between Kastani 44 and 48)


Tartu has a secret narrow alleyway lined with big trees located in Aparaaditehas creative centre. The gate leading into the alleyway is usually locked and the key hidden, but during UIT festival the mysterious gate is opened so that both children and grownups can have a look around. 

What’s been happening in this alleyway? It seems that all sorts of strange parasites have crawled out and settled themselves on the bricks and in the cracks of the wall with the help of Architecture school students. Young architects have also built some stairs so that it is possible to reach even the highest homes and nests of these parasites. 

You’re very welcome!


Idea and execution by Architecture school students and their parents: TOMI-DAILAN DEKET, GERT-REVON DEKET, JOOSEP MARKUS KUUSPALU, VILLEN PART, EWA RAAL, RAIN RAAL, KUNDULA RAAL


Thanks to: Proplastik, Lasita maja



Architecture School is a school for little space magicians who learn how to create, look at and experience the environment around us with a fresh approach. After graduating from Architecture school a tree is no longer just a tree, or a corridor simply a corridor. The environment and the different objects in it acquire a new meaning for the pupils who experiment with the space and experience it through different exciting projects.  


Tartu Architecture school is run by architect Liis Uustal and architecture semiotic Madli Maruste. 

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