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 city tour

Mirko Traks.jpg

photo: Mirko Traks

Urban Festival UIT in collaboration with the Museum of Estonian Architecture

Tour guide: architect URMO METS

When: 22nd of August 18:00

Where: Näituse 25, Tartu (in front of the Lemeks office building)

Duration: up to 3 hours 

NB! The tour in in Estonian and on bikes. 

Please write to to register. 

No spots avaliable!

Wood is important. Wood is controversial. Wood is several times more economical than man made materials. The world needs wood to be economical. Estonian society needs wood too and holds dear the living material. The hard-to-put-into-words cultural function of woodlands is also held dear. This Open Houses outing compels one to think about the role of wood in contemporary buildings – we are going to visit old wooden Tartu’s new architecture. The tour will take us inside and outside of four very different wooden buildings.

Open Houses is a series of architectural excursions that started back in 2014 and is led by the Museum of Estonian Architecture with the aim to raise awareness about architecture and public space. The tours take architecture and urban space enthusiasts to places and buildings that are usually not accessible because of strict security or other reasons. The excursions give a chance to peek into well known, but not often visited buildings and catch a glimpse of the people who live or work there and get an idea of what goes on behind familiar facades and closed doors. The buildings and objects chosen for visiting are usually special in some way and play an important role in the urban space.


The tour is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

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