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nighttime sound installation


photo: Aivar Tõnso

When: AUGUST 18, 20:00-07:00

Where: Toomemägi (between Inglisild bridge and Musumägi hill)

aivar_tahkunatuletorn (foto Maria Aua).jpg

photo: Maria Aua

Aivar Tõnso is a musician, sound artist, and curator of interdisciplinary cultural events. As a musician, he is primarily known for his electronic music projects like Hüpnosaurus, Kulgurid, and Kismabande. As a curator, some of his previous significant projects include the Hea Uus Heli festival and the record label Ulmeplaadid. Currently, Aivar is focusing on curating the Üle Heli festival and creating site-specific spatial sound installations.

The sound installation "From Dusk till Dawn" invites observers to view one of Tartu's most symbolic areas with the eyes of a wanderer on the outskirts. During the play of shadows, before and after sunrise and sunset, and in the dark night in between, the area from the Inglisild bridge towards the Tartu Cathedral in the Toomemäe Park. The twilight is filled with sounds that sharpen the senses and help perceive the invisible: ways of relating to space that have over time been buried under different meanings or are just emerging.

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