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living park


For the third time, UIT held an open call mainly aimed at architecture students. The two winning entries will be built and exhibited during the festival. The topic of this year’s open call for installations was Living Park.

Tartu is a green city but how much leisure time is really spent in green spaces? Urban festival UIT was looking for installations that would invite people to spend more time in parks and remind us that green spaces are our communal backyards.


In 2019’s festival programme, the two installations are Jekaterina Shipilenko’s and Inna Fleisher’s sound installation Uina-muina and Maiken Vardja’s garden of senses Urban Sniffari.

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Student installation


Uina-muina is an interactive sound installation that gives wanderers something to ponder about. A park is nature’s sanctuary. A person can also hide away in a park, lie down straight on a rootbed, drowsily listen to strange stories. In the shade of the trees, the body is relaxed and the mind is sharp; a person hears, notices and perceives clearly.


Keeping in mind the short lifespan of festival installations, a material has been created that doesn’t exhaust nature. The artists have worked out a technique that produces a special sustainable plant-fabric.

JEKATERIINA SHIPILENKO has studied interior architecture in the Estonian Academy of Arts and spent a year studying investigative design abroad in the Die Angewandte school in Vienna.

She has carried out several workshops, including one during the Narva Urban Lab 2019 festival.

In her work, she explores the relationships between people and moving, changing, marginal space; explores the limits of interactive space.


INNA FLEISHNER has studied scenography at the Estonian Academy of Arts and is continuing her master studies in the interior architecture department. Has also studied scenography abroad in the Aalto University as an exchange student. Inna has been the set designer for several productions, giving special attention to the performative qualities of space, to the interactions of space and time-timelessness-temporarity.

When: 21st–24th of August

Where: Vaksali Park

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Student installation

Garden of senses Urban Sniffari is meant for pets (dogs, cats) and their owners. The idea of Urban Sniffari is to stimulate the pet’s senses of smell, touch and taste through different species of plants. A choice of non-toxic plants has been made that a pet can smell and gnaw as he or she sees fit. Other townspeople, who wish to observe the pets or see how plants can affect our senses or those of our pets, are also welcome.

MAIKEN VARDJA is a dog enthusiast and an urbanist who, through her work, is looking for ways to better integrate pets and their owners into public urban spaces.

When: 21st–24th of August

Where: Keskpark

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