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city tour 

isetekkeline demo 02.png

photo: Taavi Piibemann

When: AUGUST 19, 21:30

Where: in front of Riia 12 

NB! The tour in in Estonian and on bikes. 

Registration is required to participate. 

Participation fee 5€. Register here.

Spontaneous installations are objects, materials, places and parallels that are accidents which seem almost purposeful. They don’t carry any artistic purpose, but are open to artistic interpretations. This tour will take us on a bike ride through Tartu with many stops along the way to look at “installations” that are not meant for viewing (in that way). 

larhv taavi piibemann_edited.jpg

The tour of spontaneous installations is guided by Taavi Piibemann who is an artist with a background in photography, currently working at the Estonian Academy of Arts installation and sculpture department. 

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