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Party at the BOILER HOUSE

concert / party

When: 24th of August, 23:00

Tickets: 8€ in Piletilevi / 10€ on the door

Where: Puiestee 2e, former Tarkoni boiler house

What would a city be without central heating? This year UIT is going to heat up Tartu by organising a party at Tarkon boiler house, located at the end of Puiestee street. For one night only, the boiler house opens its doors to people who know more about partying than amps and watts. This time two engines are needed to turn on the old boilers - UIT has joined forces with Sveta Bar to bring you three vibrant artists: YASMYN, the soul-princess of Estonia; KAREL, the synthpop eccentric from the Netherlands and KÖSTER, the golden boy of Sveta Bar. The local DJs of Sveta Bar aka “It's Your Local Deejays!” will be cherries on the cake: DJ Mannekeen, Kevin Park, Köster, K✝jan, myspace, Teetsov-Faulkner.

Drinks are served by Möku and our favourite dancing fuel Punch will get your feet ready for the party! Valmiermuiža truck will drop by if the weather’s nice enough and steampunk atmosphere will be provided by Tarkon boiler room.

PS: If you can’t make it to Tartu, then you can still get a piece of the infectious energy of Karel as he will be performing at Sveta Bar on the 22nd of August.




Except for brilliant and unique music, you also have to set eyes on Karel if you want to go completely crazy. Not shiny and stylized, but a chunk of unpolished energy. Karel's performances are an anti-reaction to the current band culture; no stiff fuss, but let it all go! His music can be described as synthesizer pop, created by means of drum computers and synthesizers, in the most lo-fi studio one can imagine: his bedroom. Influences of Karel's synthesizer pop can be found in bands from the 80s such as Level 42, New Order and Duran Duran, but also by contemporary bands like John Maus and The Knife.

Karel on Spotify

Subbacultcha interview

Photo: Isolde Woudstra



YASMYN is the first princess of Estonian R&B who released her debut album “Slowfall” this year. Her soul and trap flavoured tracks charm with unhidden charisma and hypnotic melodies. YASMYN’s confident and playful live performances are like a cruise through LA nights and a healthy dose of escapism straight to your vein. 

YASMYN on Spotify

Felix Laasme, stilist Liisa-Chrislin Sal

Photo: Felix Laasme / Stilist: Liisa-Chrislin Saleh 




Sveta’s golden boy Köster will be giving a rare live performance where we’ll get to hear some golden oldies and a lot of fresh new tracks. Köster promises to indulge us with crazy dancefloor wrecking club bangers but also some darker and mellower tunes with live vocals, rave-melodies, brutal break-samples and very naughty body language. Brace yourself!

Köster on Soundcloud

Photo: Vierge Viertek

SVETA “It’s Your Local Deejays!”

Sveta brings the best of Tallinn to Tartu! This group of DJs is like a close-knit family who wants to make sure you’re dancing, smiling and having fun. They know no musical boundaries and are full of endless surprises. From post-punk to juke, from techno to kuduro, from 2step to industrial, from house to R&B – you’ll never get bored, that’s for sure! 

Your DJs for the night are: DJ Mannekeen, Kevin Park, Köster, K✝jan, myspace, Teetsov-Faulkner

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