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 performative city walk 


photo: Aivars Ivbulis, “Homo Novus 2020”, New Theatre Institute of Latvia


AUGUST 18, 18:00–21:00

AUGUST 19, 18:00–21:00

AUGUST 20, 12:00–14:30 & 17:30–20:00

AUGUST 21, 12:00–14:30 & 17:30–20:00

Start: tARTu pood (Kastani 42)

Please arrive 15 minutes prior the start.

A performative city walk for one person at a time.

Wheelchair accessible.

Duration: 30–40 min​

Ticket: 7€ (Fienta)


Producer: MARY OSBORN (ArtsAdmin)

Local Artist Facilitator.: RAHO AADLA

Thank you: tARTu POOD

Walking:Holding is a subtle, experiential performance that invites you to walk hand in hand with a series of different local strangers around the city to discover it anew.The performance relies on unfamiliar perspectives, unexpected encounters and unimagined feelings. 

Designed for one audience member at a time the piece asks people to challenge prejudices in the flesh, and experience first hand what it is to walk in someone elseʼs shoes – or hands.


Walking:Holding was first created in Glasgow in 2011 and has since toured extensively across the UK and internationally in more than 40 cities, working with local participants as performers in each location.

Rosana Cade (they/them) is a Glasgow based artist who mainly works in live performance. Whilst the form of their work varies and emerges in response to the specific context or inquiry they are engaging with, it is rooted in queer feminist discourse and straddles performance, live art, and activism. Almost all of their work is collaborative, and takes place in different contexts including theatres, galleries, urban public spaces, nightclubs and cabaret settings.

Rosana is drawn to liveness as a potent site for connection with an 'other', and their work often explores the joy and difficulty of connecting meaningfully others. This quest for connection is part of their queer activism and a commitment to creating a world with greater empathy and understanding between different people.

Rosana Cade website

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