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installation programme

URBAN PAUSES/ August 16-19

9 installations / different locations

The main theme of the 2023 festival is "Urban Pauses" that focuses on the wastelands and voids of Tartu. These are transitional and untamed places, which at first glance seem to lack function, but nevertheless are valuable as they are. Together with artists we explore the impact and meaning of urban pauses in the city space. Installations inspired by urban pauses are created by nine artists or groups from Estonia and abroad, three of them are young architects that were selected through an open competition.


MARCO MANFREDINO (IT/EE) “Under the Bridge Downtown"
August 16-19 at 12:00-20:00

Under the Kroonuaia bridge (Ülejõe side)

Bridges are remarkable structures, designed to overcome physical obstacles and create connections between two otherwise hard-to-reach points. But what happens under it? The area under the bridge was never intended for human use, yet it has always held special significance — a space, somehow undefined by conventional purpose.

From a down-under perspective a bridge is a roof without walls. While its structure offers shelter, the absence of a specific planning for the areas below allows people to utilize the space in spontaneous ways, providing opportunities for activities that might not be feasible elsewhere. Whether it's making graffiti, fishing in the river, meeting up with friends, or seeking cover during a sudden rain, the space under the bridge gains its special meaning from the diverse range of activities people engage in.

The installation aims to draw attention to the significance of such unconventional spaces. 

By constructing a platform under the bridge, the installation seeks to encourage people to make use of these areas and explore the possibilities they offer.

Marco Manfredino is an Italian architect and designer currently based in Tallinn. He graduated from the University of Florence in Italy with a BSc in Architecture and later completed his Master's degree in Sustainable Architecture and Resilient Strategies at KU Leuven University in Belgium.

Throughout his career, Manfredino has worked in the field of architecture both in Italy and Estonia, collaborating with various firms and institutions on an international level, including Hábitat para la Humanidad in Paraguay and Fisheye in Belgium.

His primary focus in architecture revolves around sustainable design processes, but he is equally drawn to socio-connected projects that emphasize community involvement and collective use of architecture. In his latest work experience at Lumia, he had the opportunity to contribute to significant projects involving the preservation and conversion of historical heritage buildings, distinguished by Lumia's contemporary approach and high-quality architectural standards.

With commitment to sustainable development and a profound appreciation for the cultural significance of architecture, Manfredino continues his journey of crafting meaningful and sustainable spaces for people to thrive.




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