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installation programme

URBAN PARASITES / August 18-21

10 installations / different locations

This year Urban Festival UIT is turning its focus on parasitic architecture. We’ve asked both local and foreign artists to view the city from a parasite’s perspective and encouraged them to find new ways of life either the deficit or excess of space. Urban parasites have found their master organisms in narrow spaces between buildings, in abandoned factories, overgrown ponds and forgotten cinemas. Installations are scattered all over Tartu, go and find them!


photo: Luise Rodrigez


NUNO PIMENTA (PT) “The Pool Club”
August 18–21, 12:00-20:00
Tähe 4

This strange pool right next to the old Physics Building of the University of Tartu was built in 1980 and was designed to cool down some kind of mysterious system or mechanism that was never implemented. After all these years this useless concrete structure remains there intact and expectant as an enigmatic dark pit in one of the finest areas of the city of Tartu.

“The Pool Club” is a parasitic intervention that takes advantage of the unique characteristics of this pre-existing flamboyant structure to generate a temporary public infrastructure in an otherwise abandoned and unreachable urban space. It creates a fictional scenario: a peculiar place for enjoyment and relaxation by the murky waters of the pool. This odd setting can be interpreted in different ways – some will see it as an utopian idea, some as a dystopian vision –  but above all it raises awareness and stimulates a speculative discourse about the possible outcomes of this forgotten place of Tartu.


Thanks to: Estiko
Supported by: City of Tartu, Cultural Endowment of Estonia and Camoes Institute. 


Nuno Pimenta (Porto, 1985) develops a transdisciplinary practice which articulates art and architecture. His work focuses on the appropriation and subversion of common construction elements and techniques for the creation of social and political narratives.


Holds an MA in Architecture from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto (FAUP) and an MA in Art and Design for Public Space from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto (FBAUP). 


In recent years he has developed works in a broad range of artistic fields such as temporary architecture, installation, public art, exhibition design and performance.

Nuno Pimenta website

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