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Creative Direction & Concept Design: Rachel Wingfield

Creative Technical Direction: Mathias Gmachl

Production: James Meredith 

When: 21st–24th of August

Where: Jakobi 5, Tartu

OSMO is an inflatable infinity space that reproduces the cosmos. Visitors are invited to step into a monumental silver sphere with a projected universe held within its interior made from reflective silver mylar – a NASA space material. OSMO is an experiment in totally transforming an awkward and busy public space into a place of wonder and tranquility. The design team has used a map of the constellations to chart nearly 3000 stars and planets to re-create the cosmos.

A spa retreat of sorts, offering shelter from our pervasive digital technologies, where mobile phone and wireless signals will be shielded by a conductive membrane.

Loop.pH is a London based spatial laboratory experimenting across the fields of design, architecture and the sciences. As a studio we create visionary experiences and environments that allow people to dream and re-imagine new visions for our future.  We explore the role of art and design in public space by working outside of the gallery, museum and laboratory.

Loop.pH was founded in 2003 by Rachel Wingfield and Mathias Gmachl. Their work can be found in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), NY, the V&A Museum, London, Fosters Private Art Collection, Geneva and the Bloomberg Collection, London.

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