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open call project

installation programme

URBAN PARASITES / August 18-21

10 installations / different locations

This year Urban Festival UIT is turning its focus on parasitic architecture. We’ve asked both local and foreign artists to view the city from a parasite’s perspective and encouraged them to find new ways of life either the deficit or excess of space. Urban parasites have found their master organisms in narrow spaces between buildings, in abandoned factories, overgrown ponds and forgotten cinemas. Installations are scattered all over Tartu, go and find them!



August 18–21, 14:00–22:00

Stairs of Emajõe street

“Goby” is an interactive installation named after a sturdy fish called the round goby. The round goby can survive in conditions where other fish can’t and is the host for many parasitic species. The authors of this installation, Roland Seer & Carol Schults, noticed that the stairs descending into river Emajõgi would make a great place for a sauna. They are using the existing stairs as a basis for the sauna, with the metal railing acting as the foundation for the walls and ceiling. 

Thanks to: HUUM, Khis baths, OKKA
Supported by: City of Tartu, Cultural Endowment of Estonia 



Roland Seer (1987) and Carol Schults (2001) are animators working at Tartu Multifilm animation studio who are both interested in urbanism and architecture. Carol Schults graduated from Tartu Art School as a 3D artist-designer in 2021 and proceeded to work at Tartu Multifilm. Roland Seer who is the head of Tartu Multifilm has graduated from Animation Workshop in Denmark and has worked as a lecturer at the Estonian Academy of Arts, Tartu Art School and Tartu Art College Pallas. Seer is the artist and animator of the short animation “Amalimbo” which was nominated for the European Film Academy award at the Venice Film Festival in 2016.

Roland’s and Carol’s project was selected through the open call. 

Tartu Multifilm website

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