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durational performance


Idea and performers:






When: 21th–23th of August, 11:00-21:00 &

24th of August 11:00-20:00

Where: Käo 4, Tartu

The performance is in English, Estonian, Danish and body language.

Tickets: 8€ in Piletilevi / 10€ on the door

A ticket grants you access to the performance for the full duration of the festival.

Gardenparty is moving into a house in Tartu and you are invited to come and visit us!

Our daily schedule will be published here where you can see exactly what we have planned for the days. 

With an attitude of positive nihilism we will attempt to create a living situation of bliss and beauty: a safe haven, shielded from fears of the future. Surrounded by never-fading plastic flowers we delve into nostalgia for the past and the present.

As children of the nineties we cherish the pop culture of those days, dig into our childhood memories and contemplate on our different upbringings in Denmark and Estonia. We sweep away the problems under a soft flannel carpet and immerse ourselves in domestic dreams in the nineties nest.

There will be a broad variety of items on the to-do list: plant watering, bedroom choreographies, spaghetti boiling symphonies, dinner parties, cleaning, book readings, movie watching, gardening, exercising and much more. You are welcome to come and go, follow our day, hang out, clean, eat and play with us. 

The events in the house will be live streamed to the universe - so tune in! 

The house will be open from 21th-23rd of August from 11:00 until 21:00 & on 24th of August from 11:00 until 20:00. Be sure to check the daily schedule below before attending (our Facebook event is here).

Gardenparty is an experimental stage collective exploring space, text and matter with a choreographic eye. This is Gardenparty’s second project following Correction from 2018 that toured in Denmark and Estonia. The original team Tobias Shaw, Maret Tamme and Anders Tougaard is now joined by Estonian scenographer Keili Retter and actor Laura Niils.


The house is open from 11 to 21 and you are welcome at any time. Life never stops. If you want to join the PLANTBASED meals, please be so kind to bring something for the table. 

21. AUGUST 11:00 - 21:00


11:00   Coffee table and morning exercise with Belly Twins

12:00   Light contemplation and general gardening

14:00   Snacky lunchtime


15:00   Hobby time

16:00   Meditation

17:00   Dinner and amusement 

19:00   Movie watching


22. AUGUST 11.00 - 21.00

09:00   Morning run with Laura (There is a possibility to wash yourself in the house.)

11.00   Morning yoga, coffee and stories 

12:00   Cleansing time

14:00   Let's lunch!

14:30   Silent hour

15:30   Wake up dance

16:00   Meditation


17:00   DINNER

19:00   Karaoke eve



23. AUGUST 11.00 - 21.00

11:00   Coffee and Belly Twins II + extended exercising

13:00   Leisure time

14:00   Lunch: instant noodles testing

15:00   Silent hour

16:00   Afternoon endorphin meditation

17:00   Dinner

19:00   Game night 


24. AUGUST  11.00 - 20.00 

11:00   Genie in a bottle, coffee, aerobics and horse puzzles

12:00   Baking cakes and cleaning 

14:00   Timely snacklunch 

15:00   Hobby time

16:00   Meditation

17:00   Dinner and light entertainment 

19:00   Birthday cake time

20:30   Bursting of the bubble: take off to Tour d’ÖÖ

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