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city tour 


photo: Üllar Märtson

When: AUGUST 17, 19:00

Where: Sadama 1 (in front of AHHAA Science Centre)

NB! The tour in in Estonian and on bikes. 

Registration is required to participate. 

Participation fee 6€. Register here.

A tour of Tartu’s garages to take a look at this peculiar space and wonder what could become of this distinguishing soviet urban characteristic. Garages are a part of Soviet car culture but meant much more to people. They were a part of the Soviet hamster society, where people had to find and store necessary items in conditions of scarcity. Now, the need seems to have disappeared, but these garages still have uses and are even finding a new place for themselves in city life. All of this the tour explores.

AR_33380_Kaupo-Kalda (1).jpg

photo: Kaupo Kalda

Tauri Tuvikene is a professor of urban studies at Tallinn University. His research topics include mobility, urban cultures, and post-socialism. Garages and garage complexes are a topic he explored in his bachelor's thesis in 2007, and he has later written scientific articles on the subject in the journal Landscape Research and in Estonian in the journal Methis. Although by now he has moved on to other topics, most notably public transportation as public space or inclusive transportation planning, garages and garage complexes still pull together mobility, urban cultures, and (post-)socialism comprehensively.

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