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city tour 


photo: Gabriela Urm

When: AUGUST 16, 19:00

Where: Lille 9

NB! The tour in in Estonian and on foot. 

Registration is required to participate. 

Participation fee 6€. Register here.

In recent years there has been increasingly more talk about urban nature in Tartu. Does it have a place alongside humans? Should it be organized or disorganized? Couldn’t nature stay outside the city?

To understand something better you first must get to know it. Although we come into contact with urban nature on a daily basis, we might not take notice of the species and habitats that surround us. The first step towards acquaintance can be taken through a tour organized as part of the UIT festival. To ensure a pleasant and smooth encounter, Tartu City Municipal Government's urban nature coordinator, Mirjam Võsaste, will accompany the participants. During the tour, we will visit various unique places in the city center and contemplate the future of nature in Tartu.

Mirjam Võsaste (EE).jpg

Mirjam Võsaste has graduated from the University of Tartu with a degree in biology and eco-innovation and works as the urban nature coordinator at the Tartu City Municipal Government. She is actively involved in coordinating the Tartu ROHEring project, whose main aim is to support biodiversity in the city, mitigate the impact of climate change, and create a good living environment for everyone.

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