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Urban camping



photo: Rasaa Etten

When: August 23rd 18:00 - August 24th 12:00

Where: Vaksali park

Please register and let us know of your attendance by sending an email to

Some places give you the feeling of wanting to stay there for a longer time. Karu (or Vaksali) park is an oblong green space in front of Tartu train station that’s mostly used by commuters for getting on or off the train. But UIT has a feeling that Karu park has a special atmosphere compared to other parks in Tartu. It’s not clear whether it’s the apple trees reminding us of grandmother’s garden or the people sunbathing between the bushes, but one thing is clear - it feels like home.

Carried by that nostalgia, we’re inviting all children and childlike city lovers to spend one night urban camping in Karu park. Sometimes you get bored at home - so take your whole family with you and escape the all-too-familiar walls to discover the puzzles of Tartu lawns. We’re especially expecting city kids who don’t have a backyard but we also welcome all urban jungle hikers. It’s the perfect excuse to dust your grills and camping gas burners, find your tent from the closet, take some board games with you and recall the juiciest horror stories to share with others by the flashlight.

As we are camping at an urban park, there are some rules all our happy campers should take into account:

- our event is alcohol-free;

- just like in our home garden, we also don’t have caterers or cleaners. All campers can bring their own food and will look out for keeping the park clean;

- everyone’s invited to barbecue, but be sure to bring a grill that’s elevated - grills that are placed directly on the ground are forbidden;
- using grills is allowed only on the pathways and forbidden on grass areas.

- keep the noise down from 12 a.m. 

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