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critical mass ride


Photo: Rasaa Etten

When: 24th of August, 21:00

 Start: Next to Sõbra Prisma

The eighth Tour d'ÖÖ bike ride in Tartu, for the fifth time with Urban Festival UIT! The track will be kept as a secret until the beginning of the tour. We will start somewhere in the dusky August night and end at the location of the final party of UIT festival.

Please take these safety measures into account:

- Cycling takes place on your own responsibility. 

- Please don't take small children on their own bikes with you.

- If you have been drinking alcohol, don't sit on the saddle. 

- Look ahead, follow the herdsmen in yellow jackets, consider with the other riders and enjoy the ride!

- Lights on and grip the bar! 


Tour d'ÖÖ is a critical mass ride event sprung from the first Tallinn Bicycle Week – an independent initiative for encouraging urban cycling and bike culture in Estonia's capital Tallinn, as well as in the whole country, attracting thousands of different cyclists.

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