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festival party


photo: Marie Valgre

When: AUGUST 19, 22:00

Where: Turu 21

Tickets: 8€/10€

Over the years we have invited wanderers to dance inside a boiler house, a police station, under a bridge, in a metal factory, on a beach, in a horse stable, a Chinese restaurant, and a hangar overgrown with grass. This time, we lure you back to where the party grounds have been put on an eternal hiatus.

Today, all that remains of the onetime club hits are ghosts living among the piles of rubble, and it’s for the best that no one probably remembers the parties anyway. The UIT party brings us to the heart of three clubs on Turu Street - the intersection of Ahi, Pattaya and Cleo clubs, and shakes it up again for one night only! Before the building is demolished, we’ll hang up the disco ball one more time, press "play" and dance our way into a new day.

Bar: Peninuki
Live: JoVille 

Haigla pidu DJs: Ats Luik, Kristopher Luigend, Jan Tomson


Haigla Pidu aka Hospital Party could be an interactive and fun event where people can enjoy good music, dance and spend time with friends. This event could also have various elements of entertainment such as light shows, dance performances or other surprises that help create a party experience to remember. The skillful selection of music by DJs Jan Tomson, Ats Luik and Krisopher Luigend contributes to the dynamics of the party and helps keep the party-goers on the dance floor feeling energetic and cheerful throughout the event.


JoVille is a bleak post-electro collective that has come together from the dubious corners of Estonia. Some say they share common interests in music that go back longer than they've known each other, or even themselves.

The first captures of their noises, recorded in an eco-vegetable farm, sound like Monet and Haneke eating frog legs in an Indian underwater bullet train's Jugendstil dining car.

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