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installation programme

URBAN PAUSES / August 16-19

9 installations / different locations

The main theme of the 2023 festival is "Urban Pauses" that focuses on the wastelands and voids of Tartu. These are transitional and untamed places, which at first glance seem to lack function, but nevertheless are valuable as they are. Together with artists we explore the impact and meaning of urban pauses in the city space. Installations inspired by urban pauses are created by nine artists or groups from Estonia and abroad, three of them are young architects that were selected through an open competition.

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16.–19. august 12:00–20:00

Maarjavälja wasteland, starting from Arhitekti bus stop 

Tour times

16.08 kl 15 (EST and ENG)
17.08 kl 17.30 (EST and ENG)
18.08 kl 15 (ENG) & kl 17.30 (EST and ENG)
19.08 kl 15 (ENG) &  17.30 (EST and ENG)


“Tour on All Fours” is a performative guided tour with installation elements in which the visitors are invited to explore the urban pause in an unexpected way. Through different poetic assignments focused on various senses, equipped by a special fieldwork uniform, they will have the opportunity to discover the rich biodiversity of a seemingly empty ground in a playful way. The artist collaborated with the biologist Ott Luuk who prepared a detailed analysis of the Maarjavälja area that will be made accessible to the public. 

Concept, artwork and tours provided by artist DEANA KOLENCIKOVA in collaboration with Urban Festival UIT.

Research and tour text provided by biologist OTT LUUK. 

Big thanks to EPP PEEDUMÄE for creating our special aprons and all other volunteers involved.

Please bring your own water bottle and spray for ticks if you wish.


Deana Kolencikova is a multidisciplinary artist primarily working in and with public space within the sphere of urbanism. She has lived and worked in many different countries. This shapes her art practice and the way she responds site-specifically to sociopolitical questions of a given place. She believes in the educative, social and environmental powers of contemporary art that should be accessible and open to everyone. Responding with visual humour to different issues, she creates small but poignant moments of questioning.

Deana Kolencikova portfolio

The project is supported by The Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Helsinki.

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